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RIDATA is a brand name self-established by RITEK in 2001. The Brand is named from "RIGHT DATA" (which means "the right storage media"). Beside holding Ritek’s core business concept which is using the right technology, at the right time for creating the right products , RIDATA Brand is filled with energy and liveliness by novel design in products and packages. In addition, the superior product quality is one of the best media and satisfies our customers' storage media needs with wonderful experiences.
RIDATA products have been reviewed and recommended by prominent media worldwide such as 2007 CES cherry Picks, 2007 Taiwan UD 50 choice from Japan, 2007 Taiwan Good Design (GD mark) , 2007 Taiwan Excellence ,2007 Japan G - Mark (Good Design Award ) and 2008 iF Product design award and so on. They reaffirm RIDATA's reputation in the storage industry.
Our lives are filled with important digital data, from digital pictures to video, music, data, MP3…etc. We need faster and more reliable storage media to store and access all of the data. RIDATA provides a whole range of convenient storage media, from blank CDs, DVDs to all sorts of memory cards, Flash USB drives and portable hard drives .
By combining the right technology at the right time with the right products, RITEK has earned its reputation in the high-tech field of storage media. With the excellent manufacturing ability and quality control system, RITEK is the first disc company in Taiwan accredited with the certifications of ISO 9001 and ISO14001. Recently, RITEK even be chosen one of Top 100 Taiwan Brands form Taiwan government. The most important is that RITEK is the only one disc company to acquire this honor. No doubt, RITEK is a leading manufacturer of optical storage media in the world.
Corporate Name:RITEK Corporation
Established Date:December 29, 1988
Date of IPO:April 23, 1996
Headquarters:No. 42, Kuan-Fu N. Road, HsinChu Industrial Park, 30316, Taiwan
Employees:6,000 (Global)
Capital:US$ 920 million
Multiple Product Line:
Optical storage products:Blu-ray Disc, DVD, CD
Consumer electronic products:Flash Memory Cards, USB Flash Drive, Portable Hard Drive, DRAM Module
Photovoltaic Products:Polycrystalline, Mono-crystalline, and BIPV Solar Module, Solar System
Flat Panel Display Products:OLED, PLED, Touch Panel, ITO Glass